We Purchase & Recycle Scrap Metal from Manufacturing Industries.

Energy, Aerospace, Utility, Communication, Construction, Demolition, Automotive


Venture Metals begins by listening to the customer.  Our recycling experts meet with you at your business and together, we evaluate your needs.  Based on our discussion, Venture Metals will execute a program to properly recycle your scrap.  We use custom collection bins and develop a routine exchange schedule so you can concentrate on your business.

We will maximize the return on your scrap and provide seamless service – guaranteed.  It’s accomplished by taking a Total Quality approach to your recycling program.  We want to be a part of your Green Initiative and Sustainability Policy.

Recycling With Venture Metals:


  • Full Transparency on Pricing, Paperwork, and Online Access
  • Fast Pay
  • Customer Service from an actual decision maker

Cut out the middleman:


  • We own and operate our facilities and equipment.
  • All metal is processed by us and we go direct to our consumers
  • Certified, Capable, and Insured for Total Risk Management: ISO 9001:2008, SWPPP, TCEQ, ISRI, BIR, CMRA, City of Dallas SUP, DOT, General Liability, Workers Compensation, Pollution Policy

Equipment and Customization


Venture Metals builds custom equipment for your recycling program. We can provide containers of any size, lock-top lids, weather-proof lids, oil leak solutions and storm water solutions.

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Dispatch and Logistics


Our full-time Dispatch Manager, fleet of trucks and dedicated operators ensure clear communication and reliable transportation nationwide. Our service is second-to-none.

Truck Scale


After picking up bins filled with scrap, the driver returns to VM’s facility for a heavy truck scale weight.

After being unloaded, the truck gets back on the scale for a light weight.

Heavy Weight – Light Weight = Net Weight (material)

Individual Weight Verification


During the unloading process, individual packages (boxes, bales, bins, etc…) are received by weight

The gross weight of the individual packages is checked for accuracy with the truck scale’s net weight

This procedure ensures all material is accounted for.

Paperwork is turned in for immediate payment.

Online viewing available.