Venture Metals has (2) main facilities that process metal.

Ferrous Plant:    Our ferrous plant is set up to process large quantities of obsolete metal.  The metal is Sheared, Torched, Dismantled, and Separated.  We have a large truck scale and platform scales for fast shipping/receiving and a series of cranes with multi-purpose attachments.  A Patented Container Loader is used to ship outbound metal products.

Non-Ferrous Warehouse:  All indoor warehouse:  Copper, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, High Temp Alloys.  Insulated Wire and Cable.  Metal is sorted, decontaminated, baled, boxed, palletized.

Venture Metals utilizes custom equipment to store and transport scrap metal.  We have a large inventory of standard size containers, including roll offs, bins, hoppers, drums, crates, and boxes.  To meet every scrap need, we do our own in house welding and fabrication.  Our equipment is uniform, practical, and cosmetically appealing.  Your scrap is beautiful, so is our equipment.

Unique Features and Capabilities: Features and Capabilities include multiple handheld metal analyzers, 2 horizontal balers, a cable recovery library, and a full downstream wire chopping system.